Vita : Ulrike Stoltz   Member of <usus>, a book artists duo (with Uta Schneider).
From 1986 till 2001 making artists books with Unica T.
Professor of Typography and Book Design, Academy of Arts, Braunschweig.
Special interest: mythology/history and women's issues (the sibyls),
collaboration projects, experimental books with simple techniques such as
stamps etc., combinations of old and new technologies such as letter press
and ink jet printing.
Currently working with Uta Schneider on the boatbook-project, a
collaboration project on books and boats as containers and means of





daring to do and daring to be done to
Networks, cycles, interdependencies, systems, processes -
terms coming from science. At the same time the image
of the artist as a lonesome genius.
Our personal experience in processes of making art
is quite contrary.
For us, making art means: to be in contact,
to be open for communication, to complement one another,
to lead one another astray, to create something new.




<usus> Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz

Printed at Nexus Press as artist-in-residence, a collaboration with Uta
Schneider, on the subject of books and boats both being containers and means
of transport.





in the show there are more artists'books by >usus< :

<usus> Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz
A combination of letterpress and photocopy, various layers of ink with texts
shining through or vanishing: memories. (image)



<usus> Ulrike Stoltz
The People United
Using a piano concert as inspiration, the book contains texts associations
printed on different papers in different techniques.


<usus> Ulrike Stoltz
The 7th of the Sibylline Books, with texts by Ulrike Stoltz and photographic
images printed on joss paper.








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