shadows of myself

10 paper paintings by John Gerard
40 x 40 cm
linen embossed cover,
20 pages








Im Nebel

Poem by Hermann Hesse
20 paper paintings by John Gerard
handset and printed in 24p Garamond,
41 x 25,5 cm
japanese binding














Gerard’s dominant theme for his work is "paper as image". His images and hand-made books are variations of the many sided possibilities of artistic expression within the medium of paper. The multitudes of thicknesses, inner structures, surfaces, its ability to assume subtle color nuances, as well as the unmistakable tactile qualities are integral parts of his work.












Christa Wolf, Der Schmerz

Handmade papers
typeset in 18pt Van Dijck,
handbound in an original cover paper
with an all-linen embossed, cassette
45 x 20 cm, 50 copies



Vita :

John Gerard, born in Michigan, USA 1955, studied art in the USA and art history in Bonn, Germany. He worked for five years as Curator of
Collections at the Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum in Michigan. In
1984 he moved to Berlin (West) and opened there 1985 an experimental workshop for handmade paper.
He has been making artists books since 1987. In 1992, he relocated to Rheinbach near Bonn, Germany.







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