Das Fall

Letterpress, concertina, slipcase
a double sided concertina on the subject of "setting" and falling" and its contradiction, with texts by Uwe Warnke + Uta Schneider and others.
14 x 37 cm
30 copies, 1992


Uta Schneider





Vita :      







Thomas Dahmen/ Uta Schneider

Jeder wusste um was es ging

Cardboard- and linocut-printing
Cardboard- and linocut-printing on three subjects (lines, layers, figures), separated by a seeing- and thinking instruction (how to read and see this book) in between the three parts.
27 x 31 cm, 35 copies, 1995.







daring to do and daring to be done to
Networks, cycles, interdependencies, systems, processes -
terms coming from science. At the same time the image
of the artist as a lonesome genius.
Our personal experience in processes of making art
is quite contrary.
For us, making art means: to be in contact,
to be open for communication, to complement one another,
to lead one another astray, to create something new.




<usus> Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz

Printed at Nexus Press as artist-in-residence, a collaboration with Uta
Schneider, on the subject of books and boats both being containers and means
of transport.





in the show there are more artists'books by >usus< :

<usus> Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz
A combination of letterpress and photocopy, various layers of ink with texts
shining through or vanishing: memories. (image)



<usus> Ulrike Stoltz
The People United
Using a piano concert as inspiration, the book contains texts associations
printed on different papers in different techniques.


<usus> Ulrike Stoltz
The 7th of the Sibylline Books, with texts by Ulrike Stoltz and photographic
images printed on joss paper.









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