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Auflage 35 + 10 Ed. de tête.
Berlin 1999







Gerhild Ebel

Philosophical idea behind my works is to show the situation of language and communication at the end of 20th century, where flood of information changes our receptivity fundamentally. The bookdesign is of lightness and conceptional strictness in the same way to present this idea.





Vita :

Born 1965 in Halle (Saale) // Publisher of original-grafic magazine »miniature obscure« together with Cornelia Ahnert since 1991 // Concept works between literature, science and art since 1988 (bookart, installations, objects, grafic) // Since 1993 eight bookpublications (Uwe Warnke Verlag and Mariannenpresse Berlin).









Einzelblätter aus einer Serie von 16 Siebdrucken.

Auflage 25
Berlin 1997



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