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July 21st – October 14th 2007

  Edition artist title Author printing technique size in cm (hxb) no
of copies (Auflage)
description Place / Year
1 à3 Susanne Nickel Ein Abendessen für gute Freunde n für gute Freunde (a dinner for good friends) collage, rubber stamp 34x51 one-of-kind cooking instructions Halle, 2004
1 á3 Susanne Nickel Geschichten von Himmelkumov n Himmelkumov (storys about Himmelkumov) Daniil Charms etching 42,5x30,5 15 storys about the man Himmelkumov Halle, 2003
2 á3 Frauke Otto Minimalprogramm Hans Magnus Enzensberger book press print, collage 30x30 20   Halle 2004
2 á3 Frauke Otto Ts'ai ken t'an Hung Jing-ming 35,5 x 44,5 20 +3 6 handwritten texts, 7 pages illustrated by photographies fro Halle 2006
3 á3 Veronika Schäpers Jack & Betty forever Hosenverkäufers Yoshinori Shimizu Letterpressyethylene foil, cover made of clear polycarbonate 16,5 x 19 15 24 pages. Letterpress-print and linocut on notebook paper. Stiched binding. Fold cardboard-cover. CD in a booklet. Pasted Box.n a single page, illustrated with two fighting boxers. The pages are stiched on gum cords which bend the cover and remind of the ropes of a boxing ring. The book is kept in a clear air cushion printed with the title and imprint. Tokyo 2005
3 á3 Veronika Schäpers Funky Sabbath Marcel Beyer Letterpress-print and linocut on notebook paper ck ink on torinoko-paper, torinoko cardboard cover, hold together by red kozo paper joints and dyed with black ink. Slipcase covered with red fabric. 3 strips a 15 x 100 cm 15 3 strips of rubber, printed with the text about Kaliningrad and frottages from bicycle-tires. Oval-shaped pasted box. dyed with black ink in patterns remaining of bar-codes. Each page is cut and mounted on red paper. The cover made by torinoko cardboard is hold by red paper joint which each page is stiched onto. Tokyo 2004
4 Carivari Christiane Baumgartnerrtner 1 Sekunde woodcut 26 x 33 cm 25 + V Box with twenty-five woodcuts of one second video footage print on Zerkall papernt on Zerkall paper Leipzig, 2004
4 Christiane Baumgartner Christiane Baumgartnerrtner Speed (Geschwindigkeit=Stillstand) photo litho 16,5 x 22 cm 80 26 videostills of a journey accompanied by a text by Paul Virilio, Book + 9 single pageso, Book + single pages Leipzig/London 19999
5 Carivari Sabine Golde Die Ratten Georg Trakl rubberstamps, offset 13 x 13 23 On the 120th anniversary of Trakl's birth in 2007,  "The Rats" was performed using letters and sound.  Trakl wrote the poem 1912 in his birthplace Salzburg. Leipzig 2007
5 Carivari Sabine Golde Weniger als man Joseph Brodsky woodcuts, offset 30 x 24 99 40p. Weniger Als Man / Less Than One
Essay by Brodsky from his »Memories of Leningrad« is typographically arranged in English and German by
Sabine Golde and associatively illustrated with woodcuts by Christiane Baumgartner.
The book is one of the winners from competition: »Best Book Design from all over the World«
Leipzig 2002
6 CTL-Presse Clemens-Tobias Lange Curtelle à lu sóue
Messer in der Sonne
Albino Pierro offset, letterpress 21,5x13,6 250 Soft pocket edition, 212 pages in Tursitan, German and Italian language. 52 pages with images (based on photographs by CTL) printed in letterpress on „cartacalanchi“. Cover embossed Hamburg 2002
6 Edizioni CTL Clemens-Tobias Langenge Ohne Wolken Qu Yuan letterpress-irisprints s 40 x 23 30
52 pages Hamburg 2006/2007
7 Despalles Éditions Cozette de Charmoy Oracle quotations by St. John’s Revelation, Herodotus, Hans Jonas, Etel Adnan pigment-inkjet 35,5 x 26 50 +7
Cozette de Charmoy, oracle
Relying on Greek mythology, Cozette de Charmoy develops her vision of past and contemporary conflicts in History. For this artist/author, Gaia’s myth, the myth of Mother Earth, the defeat of the original Woman, has become the metaphor for the calamity weighing on the world today. The composition of the book takes its source in ancient drama: a narrator, a commentator, a chorus and a priestess succeed each other. Plastic elements and literary ones overlap in order to make a rich visual poem, vibrant with color and form, integrating in a tightly knit weaving: oracle, prophecy, philosophy and poetry.
Paris/Mainz 2006
7 Despalles Éditions Johannes Strugalla ères / Johannes Strugalla Forma Ovid pigment-inkjet 30,5 x 21 38 +6
What makes the beauty of the human body (in Latin forma) ? The artist investigates the illusory quality of beauty and the impact of the drawn line.
Johannes Strugalla draws the contours of « models » photographed in various magazines, with a reed pen and india ink on a damp Japanese paper. The lines get thus lightly smeared. The beautiful form, is reduced to a line and the evocative power of the shape in the photograph appears in a different light, producing another kind of beauty.
Paris/Mainz 2006
8 Fahrner & Fahrner Barbara Fahrner BOOK gertrude Stein Linolschnitte, handschrift, Monotypie, Zeichnung 24x32   9 Seiten, Japanpapier, Chin. Bindung  
8 Fahrner & Fahrner Markus Fahrner my beautiful little army picture book M Fahrner Computergrafik 22 x 19,5 1/15    
  Frankfurter Edition - not participating - in 2007          
10 John Gerard Alpha Beta letterpress and ink
on handmade paper
27,7 x 17,5 20 an hommage to the alphabet and the golden section


10 John Gerard shadows of
paper paintings 42 x 41 16 paper paintings on the theme of the societal
perceptions of aging


11 anja harms singendes blau          
11 anja harms kürze christian morgenstern linocuts, handset, letterpress 36 x 21,5 30 with the unfolding of the concertina a story develops: figurative elements continue. Change of rhythm. The text accompanies the pictures oberursel, 2005
12 Hybriden Verlag Hartmut Andryczuk            
13 Karin Innerling Blind book 1            
13 Karin Innerling Blind book 2            
14 Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlöne von Tlön Ines von Ketelhodt GEHENpädie von Tlön, volume GEHEN photography + offset, handset + letterpress 20 x 12,5 40 This volume presents montages of pairs of legs that merge into fantastic body structures. It contains also literary texts on the topic to fantastic body structures. It contains also literary texts on the topic to WALK. Oberursel / 2002
14 Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlöne von Tlön Ines von Ketelhodt ESPEJOpädie von Tlön, volume ESPEJO photography + offset, handset + letterpress 20 x 12,5 40 The volume contains photographic self-portraits taken in front of several mirrors and literary texts on the topic MIRROR. of several mirrors and literary texts on the topic MIRROR. Oberursel / 2001
15 Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlöne von Tlön Peter Malutzki IMAGOpädie von Tlön, volume IMAGO original US-comics + letterpresserpress (polymer plates) 20 x 12,5 40 Every double-page shows a picture and a word. They have been reverse printed using polymer-plates onto original spreads of US-comics.ed negative with polymer-plates onto original pages of US-comics. Lahnstein / 1999
15 Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlöne von Tlön Peter Malutzki PALIMPSESTpädie von Tlön, volume EAU found materials, handset + letterpress olymer plates) 20 x 12,5 40 This volume was assembled from spreads taken from different books, some old, some new, books of different languages. Flörsheim / 2004
These four volumes belong to a book project, called "Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlön", which is inspired by the tale "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" by Jorge Luis Borges. It is a collaboration by Ines von Ketelhodt and Peter Malutzki. Within ten years (1997–2006) fifty volumes are to be created. So the project is now in its final year. (
16 UN ANNO UN LIBRO Till Verclas Atlas Radierungen/Etchings 41x34 17,I-III 41 copperplates in 3 chapters Hamburg 2001
16   Till Verclas Streifzüge Kaltnadelradierungen/ Drypoint etchings 13,5x13cm 30/ I-V A visual walk through the book Hamburg 1998
17 ‹usus› Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltzike Stoltz boundless offset (+ silkscreen on cover) 20,5 x 11,5 cm 1000 mbered Made during our stay as artists-in-residence at Nexus Press, Atlanta, GA, USA. Central part of our boatbook-project, which is about both books and boats being containers and means of transport. Offenbach am Main + Atlanta 2001
17 ‹usus› Uta Schneider Thomas Dahmen Liegend / Im Fall          
18 ‹usus› Ulrike Stoltz Avanti, Lady Mikadoikado archival inkjet prints (images) and laserprints (text) 20,2 x 18 cm 10 copiesis is no. 3 Typograpgic images and photographs add up to a pictorial sequence that is followed by a separate chapter with the text (experimental lyrics by U.S.); translation into English included in loose sheets) Offenbach am Main 2005
18 ‹usus› Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz segelbuch / leseboot          
19   Anton Würth Anton Würth, Carnet 10         Tübingen 2001
19   Anton Würth Anton Würth, Carnet 13 copper engraving 23 x 17,5 cm 12 + 2 E.A. 38 pages, Formally the turning of the pages is essential to the reading process of a book. In this work I emphasize this aspect of front- and backside of each page. An arabesque movement within a basic form alternates with an ornamental braid on the edge of the form. Everytime the movement remains dependend of the boundary. One half of each motiv is on the right (front-)side of the page and the other part is on the left (back-)side – suggesting a symmetry. Berlin 2005
20 Entwerter/Oder im Uwe Warnke Verlag, BerlinUwe Warnke Verlag, Berlin Ottfried Zielke und Uwe Warnke Tagesthemen / news - themes of the day drawings, serigrafics, copies 29,5 x 21 cm 33 It is an reaction of our media circus, our reality. This issue shows a row of malicious and parodistic comments - there is no end. 2006
20 Uwe Warnke Verlag, Berlin Cornelia Groß, Uwe Warnke, Ottfried Zielke konsum = k drawings, serigrafics, bubblejet-prints 22 x41 cm 13 The artists created drawings to the critical text about the theme consumption. 2002
21 xlex_press Gerhild Ebel the labyrinth connectiononnection digital print 40 x 40 cm 15 15 books (each with 12 single pages), Speech collages from texts concerned with the ties, close but almost
untraceable, between the Bin Laden family and the Bush clan are overlaid with various labyrinthine-structured graphics.
Halle / Berlin 2006
21 Uwe Warnke Verlag Gerhild Ebel portraits silk-screen print 41 x 32 cm 35 Portraits from inside: Real persons were shown with their psychological characteristics. Every letter stands for a specific feature, every number for the amount of this quality (1 little...10 high), for example: sociability, intelligence, self-confidence, unconventionality, independence... Berlin 2002
21 xlex_press Gerhild Ebel Die neue Versleere          


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